[ic] Images and the Admin UI

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Dec 12 12:45:30 EST 2003

Quoting Philip S. Hempel (pshempel at linuxhardcore.com):
> I am using 5.0 pre cvs 
> Non-threaded perl 5.8.1
> Here is my dilemma, we have a number of products that use the same
> image.
> Problem we have is in 4.9/5.0 the UI has changed in some way that allows
> an upload of zero bit file essentially overwriting the original file or
> zeroing out the file.
> What we do to cause this is to upload the image into one item, then edit
> additional items placing the same image name into the image of the other
> products that use it. 

Then you need to use a different widget than the imagehelper widget.
The box you are typing into is not a text box, it is a file element.
It is designed to upload a file, not input text info into the database.

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