[ic] Errors when trying to use state for shipping selection

Chris Bair interchange at tssphoto.com
Fri Dec 12 14:28:03 EST 2003

>At 08:47 AM 12/12/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>I'm running into some errors when I try to restrict different 
>>shipping modes based on the sate. I have the different shipping 
>>modes in the shipmode column in the state table using spaces to 
>>separate them, just like you do in the country table. The error I'm 
>>getting looks like this:
>>Runtime error: Can't locate object method "single" via package 
>>"Vend::Table::GDBM" (perhaps you forgot to load 
>>"Vend::Table::GDBM"?) at /home/inkjet/interchange/lib/Vend/Ship.pm 
>>line 429.
>>and the code for the shipping selection looks like this:
>>          <SELECT NAME=mv_shipmode>
>>           [shipping
>>             label=1
>>             mode=|[data table=state key='[default state UT]' col=shipmodes]|
>>           ]
>>           </SELECT>
>>although I have also tried:
>>         <select name=mv_shipmode>
>>         [loop list="[shipping possible=1]"]
>>           <option value="[loop-code]"> [shipping-desc mode="[loop-code]"]
>>         [/loop]
>>         </select>
>>I started out on IC 4.8.7, tried it on 4.9.9 and my current test 
>>server is running 5.0.0 RC2 just for kicks and giggles. I even 
>>grabbed the current Bundle:Interchange and the kitchensink just in 
>>Has anyone out there been able to get this working or is it just a 
>>broken feature that isn't ready for use yet?
>This could have something to do with your Perl or database setup. 
>Are you using the internal db or an external one (such as MySQL) for 
>the state table (i.e. do you have state.sql or state.gdbm in your 
>products/ dir)? Are you saying the shipping selector on the checkout 
>page is empty? Does it work with the country table (which is the 
>default setup)?
>- Ed

Using the GDBM. It works great with the country table. Looks like I'm 
going to try out using MySQL. I've been meaning to do that anyway for 
the possible performance gains, this should prove interesting.

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