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Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Sat Dec 13 09:51:12 EST 2003

Quoting Philip S. Hempel (pshempel at linuxhardcore.com):
>On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 12:45, Mike Heins wrote:
> > Quoting Philip S. Hempel (pshempel at linuxhardcore.com):
> > > I am using 5.0 pre cvs
> > > Non-threaded perl 5.8.1
> > >
> > > Here is my dilemma, we have a number of products that use the same
> > > image.
> > >
> > > Problem we have is in 4.9/5.0 the UI has changed in some way that allows
> > > an upload of zero bit file essentially overwriting the original file or
> > > zeroing out the file.
> > >
> > > What we do to cause this is to upload the image into one item, then edit
> > > additional items placing the same image name into the image of the other
> > > products that use it.
> >
> > Then you need to use a different widget than the imagehelper widget.
> > The box you are typing into is not a text box, it is a file element.
> > It is designed to upload a file, not input text info into the database.
>So your saying I am trying to use a hammer when I need a to use a
>Well I kinda thought so. But what can you do to prevent people from
>doing just what they think makes sense to them?
>If I can use only one widget for the image function, (or can I use two?
>I guess I will find out) what options do I have?
>This became obvious as being a problem to me, when on of my IC customers
>came back to me on the same point as above.
>So I decided to asked others that I had seen using the same images for
>multiple products and they told me, "It (using the upload function as a
>dual function form) does not *work*, we have to upload the image each
>The fact that people ere even attempting to enter data into the field
>seems that there was or is some form of expectation that the field may
>work as a data entry field as well.
>I think than the only choices I have is to some way keep data from being
>entered into the field freehand and just tell them to upload each image
>at least the expectation will not be there.
>Thanks all


Have you tried my suggestion of changing the 'Directory' entry on
the 'Advanced' tab of the meta edit form as suggested in one of
my previous postings?

I use that solution frequently for my customers and it really works
like a charm.

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