[ic] Stumped with shipping options

Rick Parola rick at rpwebworks.com
Sat Dec 13 11:52:16 EST 2003

On Thursday 11 December 2003 03:51 pm, Riccardo Parola wrote:
> I've been trying to set my shipping options to offer only a few of the
> shipping methods, I searched the list and google in general, I read the
> help pages and they say "Select one of the currently existing shipping
> methods from the list and click "edit method" to change its name, enable or
> disable it". For the life of me there is no "box" in my control panel by
> "enable this method" as described in the docs.
> I found one other message stating the same during my searches but no answer
> to the question.
> Please help.
> BTW: Not afraid of shell and/or editing text files and/or manually going
> into MySql through shell, where are those settings stored?

Is this unusual?

I take it it's one of two cases:

1 - It's so obvious everyone is thinking "RTFM" shaking their heads at the 
impudence of my so obvious question. (In this case I'd love a "RTFM you 
sucker!" in response)

2 - It is so weird and unusual a situation nobody ever had the problem (other 
than the other guy who posted the same without reply) and nobody knows what 
to tell me, I'm F%^$% and better off scratching the whole thing and get into 
the goats marketing industry.

any clue anyone?

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