[ic] Stumped with shipping options RESOLVED

Rick Parola rick at rpwebworks.com
Sun Dec 14 12:16:37 EST 2003


For future reference:

Indeed it's in the country table, the "shipmodes" field takes comma separated 
values of available shipping options for the country (eg most of mine have 
XDM in there, US has "GNDRES,GNDCOM") the names can be found in the SHIPPING 

Thank you, Now "all" I have left to do is go through it and edit them ALL :(

On Saturday 13 December 2003 09:13 pm, Aaron Rubin wrote:
> Depends on your version but check country.txt / country table and remove
> any of the listed option you don't want for the country you are trying
> to change the shipping methods for.
> aaron
> http://www.KarateDepot.com
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> On Thursday 11 December 2003 03:51 pm, Riccardo Parola wrote:
> > I've been trying to set my shipping options to offer only a few of the
> >
> > shipping methods, I searched the list and google in general, I read
> > the help pages and they say "Select one of the currently existing
> > shipping methods from the list and click "edit method" to change its
> > name, enable or disable it". For the life of me there is no "box" in
> > my control panel by "enable this method" as described in the docs.
> >
> > I found one other message stating the same during my searches but no
> > answer to the question.
> >
> > Please help.
> >
> > BTW: Not afraid of shell and/or editing text files and/or manually
> > going into MySql through shell, where are those settings stored?
> Is this unusual?
> I take it it's one of two cases:
> 1 - It's so obvious everyone is thinking "RTFM" shaking their heads at
> the
> impudence of my so obvious question. (In this case I'd love a "RTFM you
> sucker!" in response)
> 2 - It is so weird and unusual a situation nobody ever had the problem
> (other
> than the other guy who posted the same without reply) and nobody knows
> what
> to tell me, I'm F%^$% and better off scratching the whole thing and get
> into
> the goats marketing industry.
> any clue anyone? _______________________________________________
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