[ic] problem with images for buttons in account.html

Eros Shop eros at vwe.net
Sun Dec 14 18:39:36 EST 2003

Hi Folks,

I'm working on account.html and am trying to use images in pace of the 
standard buttons as provided by the browser. I'm using IC 4.8.7 and Perl 
5.6.1 under Linux.

At the moment I have the "save account info" button as an image and the 
"save and checkout" button as a standard submit button using the following 
working code as found on the google archives:

<INPUT TYPE="image" VALUE="Save Acct. Info" 
src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__saveaccountinfo_button.gif" border=0 name="mv_click">

[if items]
   [set Save and Checkout]mv_nextpage=ord/checkout[/set]
&nbsp;<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Save and Checkout" NAME=mv_click>

I've tried using the following code on the INPUT tag for the "save and 
checkout" button to use an image, but it doesn't work and I end up with a 
search results page when clicked. As a side issue the user data in the form 
isn't being saved either when the image is used.

[if items]
   [set Save and Checkout]mv_nextpage=ord/checkout[/set]
&nbsp;<INPUT TYPE=image VALUE="Save and Checkout" 
src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__checkout_button.gif" NAME=mv_click>

I can't work out why this doesn't work, or why I end up on a search page. 
Does anyone have any ideas what I'm missing or of another way to achieve 
this? I've looked at using the [button][/button] IC tag, but all attempts 
with that have also failed.

Many thanks in advance


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