[ic] Scheduling Module for rental business

Tim Good tim.g at edsd.com
Mon Dec 15 16:11:26 EST 2003

Hey all,

Ok this is probably a stupid question but what the hay!
I have developed a usertag called cal.tag. I have it in
with other user tags and call it with "[cal December 2003]"
It displays a month view calendar. 

Through the idea of expedite the process and possibly
as well, what would be the best way to accomplish getting a 
delivery date field from the transaction table and inserting
it into
my user tag call? I am currently calling the tag from a
gutted-out version
of order.html, called delivery.html. eg:

<!-- ----- BEGIN REAL STUFF ----- -->

[if cgi ui_text_qualification]
                return if $CGI->{mv_like_spec};
                $Scratch->{page_banner} ||=
                $Scratch->{page_banner} .= errmsg(
'-- entries containing "%s"',

[if cgi year]
           $Scratch->{month} = $CGI->{month};
           $Scratch->{year} = $CGI->{year};

[cal [scratchd month] [scratchd year]]

<!-- ----- END REAL STUFF ----- -->

don't laugh, I am still learning the IC language.


I don't even have to practice to create run on sentances



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