[ic] Encryption not needed?

David Radovanovic david.radovanovic at verizon.net
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Installed Interchange 4.8.7 several weeks ago and finished redesigning the
user interface (using the foundation demo); templates, pages, databases,
etc. The site was built for a customer who sells supplies to hospitals,
hmos, etc. Originally it was meant to be open to the general public however
things have changed (who could have guessed) and the site will be accessed
via password only by one of their clients that has several dozen "centers"
that supply their own customers throughout the US. Each "center" will
username/password access. There will be no payments or payment information
given since purchases will be billed as a "AR" account. Encryption isn't
necessary (or is it?). After the "center" employee (customer) logs in, all
the shipping and account information will be pre-populated in the data/forms
displayed on the pages, though not changeable/editable (by the "center"
employee). The Order Number will be formatted to include the date,time,and
"center" code, i.e. Order Number: 12160314-539.

The newbie questions are as follows:

1. Since encryption isn't needed, is there simple way to by-pass the
security-specific functions?
2. Can I reformat the order number as specified?
3. How do I set the "demo" site live without encryption enabled?

I've searched in vain and any help is very much appreciated. Thanks for a

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Hello *,

Actually I have a problem how to configure COD Charges.

If I select COD as Payment IC shows a line that a amount of 0.00$ will
be added.
Where and how I have to specify this amount ?

Within new_browser_payment I found:

[msg arg.0="[handling cod]"]There will be a %s charge added for

I skimmed the whole documentation for a enlighting description how
[handling] is to be used.
But I found no clue (at least I was not able to understand the example
given for mv_handling).

Anyone there who can help me out of this pit ?


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