[ic] Protx Payment Module Authentication

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Wed Dec 17 12:00:41 EST 2003

Lyn St George wrote:

>Starting with basics: the 'require' line is in interchange.cfg (not catalog.cfg), 
>MV_PAYMENT_MODE is set to Protx in variable.txt, and you did restart 
>Interchange ("apply changes") after adding these?

Thanks very much for your reply, I had the require line in a catalog.cfg 
file in the specific shop i wanted to use it in.
It now says the module is being loaded ok. Net::SSLeay is installed.

Basically, after a week i am still having 'a problem'. I have upgraded 
to interchange 5.0.0 ok.
Now, dont ask me what that problem is, as im not getting any errors in 
the global interchange error.log or the specific catalog error.log.
I have tried the doc's suggestion of putting the perl code into web 
pages but all it prints is 'undef'.

I have tried uncommenting the ::logGlobal lines in the module to try and 
dig up an error, but I dont think the modules subroutine is being 
entered on ordering.

I have tried logging network connections to see if it tries to make a 
connection to protx, I dont think it does.

I have tried about almost every possible permutation of routes.

Currently this is something like my configuration:
1. Require module Vend::Payment::Protx_107
is in interchange.cf and appears to start fine

2. MV_PAYMENT_MODE<tab>protx
is in products/variable.txt

3. catalog.cfg:

Route protx <<EOR
    attach 1
    id <my_id>
    host <uk_ptx_host>
    currency GBP
    txtype PAYMENT
    report etc/newreport

(Route protx_vt_route AS perl docs although i dont think i need it)

Route default cascade "protx main log ..."

4. I did the vt stuff such as make the payment dir in pages and put 
files in, although i probably dont need this. Interchange admin UI is 
turned OFF.

When i order something, I get a recipt page, an email, but nothing goes 
to protx and I dont get an error. Ive tried turning on interchange DEBUG 
1 with no avail.

Any hints?
Is there somewhere the protx connections are logged? or am i going to 
have to hack the source?



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