[ic] Interchange5.0 with MySQL4.0

Megan Quattrocchi megan at junglevision.com
Thu Dec 18 18:40:21 EST 2003

I'm upgrading Interchange from 4.9.9 to 5.0. and also changing from the
internal database to MySQL4.0. Here's my problem so far.

When I start interchange I get the following error:

Configuring catalog discreet...Required Perl module DBD::mysql not present.
Aborting catalog.

Ok, I know the obvious answer is install the darn module. I ran cpan then
install DBD::mysql which got the module, compiled, and tested it.

It looks like the compile had no errors but when it did make test it failed
because it could not test with the nopassword option. I managed to get the
make test to run by removing the mysql root password. Testing failed 13 of
the tests.

Any suggestions on how to fix this???


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