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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Dec 19 16:12:25 EST 2003

Quoting Nathan Barnett (nbarnett at specialty-books.com):
>        I have been trying to create a survey in Interchange (vers
> 4.9.8), however, I have run into some unpleasant difficulties, which I
> am hoping someone will be able to address.  For one, I seem to be unable
> to use the admin UI version of survey creation to obtain the same survey
> functionality as represented in the Foundation (in fact, attempting to
> modify the Foundation survey in the admin UI actually decreases the
> Foundation survey's functionality).  By functionality, I mean certain
> aspects that are present in the Foundation survey, but I seem to be
> unable to duplicate through the admin UI.  For instance, the last
> question page in the Foundation survey replaces the 'Next -->' button
> with a 'Finish' button, but this capability seems to be missing from the
> Admin UI.

IT is not, but you have to manipulate the "Thanks" tab.

It is possible to recreate the provided survey from the UI, but probably
not completely intuitive.

This is one of the areas I plan on working on for 5.1/5.2. On my
todo list ( which always changes based on what my clients want):

	-- Easy generation/graphing of one-question quick-polls
	-- Easy generation of email feedback form
	-- Integrate graphing better

>  Also, the survey created through the admin UI does not seem
> to record any results, and thus allows one to take the survey multiple
> times.

That is controlled by some settings, and those do work. The key is
to use "standard survey log".

>  Also, a strange 'GO' link is created on the final page that
> links back to the home page and final page titles do not seem to be
> displaying properly.

Have you tried cloning the demo survey and modifying it?

>         Is there some other way to modify/create surveys (besides the
> admin UI)?  The only other way I can think of is hand modifying the
> survey.txt file, but that seems a bit more work than should be
> necessary.  Or have these issues been addressed in the newer versions of
> Interchange?

Not yet.

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