[ic] ic jobs and scratch value issue? - more info - some things that jobs will not handle?

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Tue Dec 23 11:05:39 EST 2003

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:31:28 -0500, Aaron Hazelton <aaronmail at hazenet.net> 

> Hi all,
> IC 4.9.8
> I have driven myself crazy with this one, and am at a loss. I have
> an IC cron job set up, and the [scratch email_body] value is either
> not being set or displayed in this context.  code below for further
> details. the exact same code produces the expected result when using
> the 'test ITL snippet' page... and there are no errors.  I must be
> missing something about how this type of value and the 'jobs' work
> together or something.
> [tmp email_body][query
> 	   sql="SELECT code,user,start_date,end_date,type,host_domain
> 			FROM subscriptions
> 			WHERE ((( CURRENT_DATE() + 0 ) < end_date )
> 						OR end_date = 'never' )
> 			ORDER BY end_date DESC;"
> 		type=list
> 		list_prefix=subscription
> 		prefix=sub]
> [subscription]
> [tmp last_billed][query sql="SELECT capture_date
> 							FROM transactions
> 							WHERE store_id = '[sub-param code]'
> 							ORDER BY capture_date DESC
> 							LIMIT 1;"
> 		type=list
> 		list_prefix=alreadybilled
> 		prefix=alr][alreadybilled][alr-param 
> capture_date][/alreadybilled][/query][/tmp]
> [billing-check	start_date="[sub-param start_date]"
> 				last_billed="[scratch last_billed]"
> 				type="[sub-param type]"]
> 				[if scratch bill_it]				
> 				<tr>
> 					<td class="arialsmall">
> 					[sub-param code]
> 					</td>
> 					<td class="arialsmall">
> 					[sub-param host_domain]
> 					</td>
> 					<td class="arialsmall">
> 					<a href="[area href='admin/rebill'
> 									form='num=[sub-param code]'
> 					]">[if scratch last]last bill: [/if][scratch next_bill]</a>
> 					</td>
> 					[if scratch overdue]
> 						<td class="arialbold">
> 						OVERDUE
> 					[else]
> 						<td class="arialsmall">
> 						ok
> 					[/else]
> 					[/if]
> 					</td>
> 				</tr>
> 				[/if]
> [/subscription]
> [/query][/tmp]
> [if scratch email_body]
> [email	to="aaron at hazenet.net"
> 		from="support at hazenet.net"
> 		subject="billing to-do list for [scratch today]"
> 		extra="Content-Type: TEXT/HTML; CHARSET=US-ASCII"
> 		hide=1]
> [scratch email_body]
> [/email]
> [else]
> nothing for today
> [/else]
> [/if]
> TIA!

I have now also taken this block of code, which is tested and
works as expected, and instead of enclosing it into a [tmp] value
i have logged it to a text file, creating a new file at the
beginning so that it is blank, then appending each subsequent entry
to it if it exists, and then [include]'ing that file into the email
that gets sent out.

Again, this method also works as a test on the ITL page, and yet
will not log anything to the file (although it is created) from
the job.

there must be something here that is breaking this.  are there certain
things that will not work from a job that have not been noted yet?
of course, i am setting a couple of scratch values for a date and
such in this job as well, and they display, but my main block (perhaps
its when we get into the queries?) will not.

if anyone wants to see it, i will post the code with the logging
method, although it is almost identical.


Aaron Hazelton

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