[ic] ic jobs and scratch value from usertag - getting closer

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Tue Dec 23 12:37:12 EST 2003

On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 11:05:39 -0500, Aaron Hazelton <aaronmail at hazenet.net> 

> On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:31:28 -0500, Aaron Hazelton 
> <aaronmail at hazenet.net> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> IC 4.9.8
>> I have driven myself crazy with this one, and am at a loss. I have
>> an IC cron job set up, and the [scratch email_body] value is either
>> not being set or displayed in this context.  code below for further
>> details. the exact same code produces the expected result when using
>> the 'test ITL snippet' page... and there are no errors.  I must be
>> missing something about how this type of value and the 'jobs' work
>> together or something.
[snip code]
>> TIA!
> I have now also taken this block of code, which is tested and
> works as expected, and instead of enclosing it into a [tmp] value
> i have logged it to a text file, creating a new file at the
> beginning so that it is blank, then appending each subsequent entry
> to it if it exists, and then [include]'ing that file into the email
> that gets sent out.
> Again, this method also works as a test on the ITL page, and yet
> will not log anything to the file (although it is created) from
> the job.
[snip other stuff, below still applies]
> dumbfounded.

ok, i have done more testing and finally narrowed down the problem
although i still cannot get it to work and it was the last thing
i expected.

my usertag that is being called test dates and compares them and
then based on how they compare with each other and today, it may
or may not set $Scratch->{bill_it} = 1;  now, when i test the
user tag (an example is below) it works just as expected, but in
the context of the job, the scratch value never shows up.  what
i do not know is whether or not the usertag is even being executed
or what.  Any ideas on how i can test this further to determine
what is causing this strangeness?

[loop list="20031123 20031124"]
[billing-check start_date="[loop-code]"
test scratch bill_it: [scratch bill_it]

test scratch bill_it: 1 <- should be 1
test scratch bill_it:   <- should be blank

test scratch bill_it:   <- is blank
test scratch bill_it:

any ideas? thanks!
Aaron Hazelton

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