[ic] 5.0.0 Upgrade - Merge Metadata?

frank frank at goldissue.com
Mon Dec 29 10:55:40 EST 2003

music at labyrinth.net.au wrote:

>Am in the process of upgrading some catalogues to 5.0.0 that have been
>running nicely under 4.8.7
>Have followed the UPGRADE instructions and all appears well.
>However the 'Merge Metadata' process in the new UI is a little confusing.
>Is there some more specific info about this process somewhere? (Have done a
>fair amount of searching.)
>How dangerous is it to 'Merge All' for older foundation catalogues?
>When comparing data to merge what does it mean if the new value is 'Table'
>the older value is 'text'? What if I merge these values? What else would I
>need to look at updating?
>What type of things should not be merged and left as is?
Just jump into it man. It's not that bad. I remember having to create an 
extra field or two in mv_metadata.asc.

Not sure about the text question.

Actually I have made so many modifications (like my own metatag 
structure in the templates) that I prefered to backup my old sites 
somewhere, rebuild each site using makecat. I then (using scripts or 
manually) copy important files over - but only as necessary to avoid 
replacing better? and newer code.

In fact I redid this recently and recreated 4 sites in one hour. It 
requires care, understanding and attention to detail.

I created my own usertag for use in Australia, and this broke during the 
upgrade. I guess it depends how much your own 'improvements' are in 
harmony with the developers' intentions.

I have tried to automate everything with scripts, but have found that a 
big jump like this needed thought and attention to each section.

You can't avoid the steps in the upgrade though, you just need to do it,

Hope that is useful.


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