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> At 01:09 PM 12/29/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I'm running interchange 4.8.7 on FreeBSD 4.7, Perl 5.8.0 using the
>> foundation as the base for my site. I've added new fields, one of
>> which is user_initials in the userdb. user_initials is a required
>> field that I've added to the profile.order page. However, the
>> checkout page allows the user to proceed without entering their
>> user_initials and the required mv_shipmode. Anything I've missed
>> besides adding the new field name to profile.order?
> You need to Apply Changes (or restart interchange) when making any
> changes to etc/profiles.*
> Also note that there is a separate profile for each payment time, so
> be sure to add your new order checks for all payment methods that you
> accept. Finally, add an [error ...] tag for the field label of your
> user_initials input so that the failed check can be displayed in
> context.
> - Ed L.
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Ed, thanks for your reply. I thought I had already did that. Let me take a
closer look. BTW in my case, PO is the only method of payment since the
customer/s have an account. They also pay for their own freight/shipping,
though they choose the mv_shipmode from the drop-down menu. I'm trying to
stay within interchange using all the great tags it offers, though I'm
slowly ending up with a hodge podge. Thanks again.

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