[ic] 'configure' cannot see /usr/local/bin/perl

D T dogtags at doglover.com
Wed Dec 31 08:46:20 EST 2003

1. Ron

> Change your path for the user that is installing ic to include
> /usr/local/bin/perl before /usr/bin/perl.
> -Ron

That's just the thing. I'm not sure where the $PATH info for the users is stored. I did global searches on the box (and of course got tons of results) but couldn't find it.

Where are the default path references for the users stored?

2. Frank

> Will,
>I remember Mike Heins or someone saying that changing the
>at the top of each executable file in the >/usr/lib/interchange/bin 
>will do the trick.
>I can't remember if that was the end of story, but that would >have to be 
>pretty close to being correct,
>Frank Reitzenstein.

I looked in the 5.0.0 tarball distribution, but I couldn't find the location that you mentioned. 

We still haven't been able to even install Interchange. It's just untarred and waiting. We're getting hung up on the initial 'configure' step. 


3. Manually force 'configure' to see /usr/local/bin/perl

A possibility might be to manually change the 'configure' script to force it to see the /usr/local/bin/perl location.

Instead of running through the whole $TESTPERL routine, would there be a way to change the configure script to just say, "Use the following perl - /usr/local/bin/perl" and skip the whole TESTPERL thing ?

This actually might be more the way to go because it wouldn't disrupt any other scripts that use the default /usr/bin/perl

Thanks one and all.

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