[ic] Displaying number of rows in a table

Mike Heins interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Tue Jul 1 10:13:00 2003

Quoting Interchange User (interchange@framework.cx):
> Hello,
> I would like to access the number of items in a SQL table.  I haven't  
> had much luck getting at the results using SQL, and I'm wondering if  
> there's a simple way to access mv_return_fields after pointing a  
> [search] tag at one of the tables, or if it's easier to use the [query]  
> tag.
> 	I know I'm doing something wrong , but this is what I've been trying:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> -----
> [query
> 	sql="select count(*) as requestcount from www_mediarequest"
> 	type=list
> 	list=1
> 	st=db
> 	]
> 	[list]
> 		[sql-param requestcount]
> 	[/list]
> [/query]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> -----
> IC 4.9.8 nightly
> MySQL 4.1 alpha

That should work, but some things depend on your database setup.
If your products database was GDBM, for example, that would not
work and you would have to add a base=www_mediarequest parameter
to give IC the correct database handle to start from.

In any case, this should work:

	sql="select count(*) from www_mediarequest"

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