[ic] QuickBooks Export/Import Files

Jon interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Wed Jul 2 01:53:00 2003

> * Jon <prtyof5@attglobal.net> [2003-07-01 18:49]:
> >
> >     Would anyone be able to provide example QuickBooks files.
> > The files I'm looking for are to move product definition,
> > inventory, and transactions from IC to QB. Just an example
> > of each that you use and confirm works would be wonderful
> > and help me eliminate one of the variables.
> The tarball has extensions/quickbooks/* -- is that what you are looking for?
> FYI, I have a couple of patches (bug fixes and enhancements) that I
> need to apply to the 4.9 tree RSN.

    Which files have the bugs ?

> If you are referring to IIF files, QB distributes examples on their website.
> --

     Yes, I've looked around at their site some time ago and will do
so again.  But I was hoping someone would share a set of files that for
sure works to play with and compare my results with.