[ic] Search out from a form

Jon interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Wed Jul 2 12:52:00 EDT 2003

> Hi,
> can somebody help me, please? I´d like to execute a SQL-Query
> (small_search_box from the Foundation Catalog)
> out of a form, but I don´t know how. I tried it for 2 days now and my
> searches in the documentation ended without result.
> Here is my query:
> select * from products where (sku like '%9000%'
> or description like '%9000%'
> or prod_group like '%9000%'
> or category like '%9000%')
> and not product_filter = 'b2b'
> order by category;
> Please consider that 9000 is the value which is entered to the textbox by
> the user.
> product_filter is a created field. The values for this field can be b2b, b2c
> or all.
> The listed SQL-Query works for sure in mySQL.


    I may not be able to help but you might want to include the surrounding
[query] tag details. There are some pretty complete examples in both
RTFM and icdevgroup.org that may provide some clues.


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