[ic] Items deleting don't work?

Sergiusz Jarczyk interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Thu Jul 3 05:22:01 EDT 2003

Hello All
I've just installed both 4.9.8 and latest nightly build on two separate
machines. All installation, catalog configuration and migration pages from
other IC works with no problems. But when it comes to deleting items, IC
shows message that item(s) was deleted, and some db_maintenance messages:
No records in options where sku = 'MY_SKU'
It's strange, because when I reset the list, deleted items are there, and
are visible from the catalog.

I've tried to do this by checking items in item list, and then choosing
Delete Items, as well as by editing each item and selecting Delete.

Do anyone have similar problems? Is this something wrong with my config? I'm
using RH9.0, PostgreSQL 7.3.3 and Perl compiled from source.


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