[ic] Items deleting don't work?

Mike Heins interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Thu Jul 3 10:52:00 EDT 2003

Quoting Sergiusz Jarczyk (sjarczyk@wist.net.pl):
> Hello All
> I've just installed both 4.9.8 and latest nightly build on two separate
> machines. All installation, catalog configuration and migration pages from
> other IC works with no problems. But when it comes to deleting items, IC
> shows message that item(s) was deleted, and some db_maintenance messages:
> No records in options where sku = 'MY_SKU'
> ...
> It's strange, because when I reset the list, deleted items are there, and
> are visible from the catalog.
> I've tried to do this by checking items in item list, and then choosing
> Delete Items, as well as by editing each item and selecting Delete.
> Do anyone have similar problems? Is this something wrong with my config? I'm
> using RH9.0, PostgreSQL 7.3.3 and Perl compiled from source.

Thank you for your very complete problem description.

Alas, I cannot duplicate this on Postgres 7.2.5 and RH Linux 7.3 and
the latest code. Before I try this on postgres 7.3 and RH9, are you
sure your Postgres is set up to allow record deletion for that user on
that database?
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