[ic] RE: Interchange Database Relationships and Schema

ParkerTechGroup Incorporated parkertechgroup at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 3 14:24:36 EDT 2003

 Hi all,
 Two questions I have searched the archives for and cannot 
 seem to scare up a definitive answer to:
  1. Is there an ERD ( or a diagram showing the table 
 relationship within the IC database) for IC? I noticed a 
 short thread regarding this some time ago, however, there was 
 no apparent resolution to it.
  2. When running IC over a database other than the default 
 (ie. mysql), does IC actually operate on the 'other' database 
 or does it simply 'mirror' it internally and operate on its 
 own internal database? ....I may be showing my ignorance with 
 this question.... :(  
 Chris R. Nighswonger
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 ParkerTechGroup Incorporated
 cnighswonger at parkertechgroup.com
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