[ic] Newbie to interchange

Caleb Phillips cphillips at studioresource.com
Thu Jul 3 20:51:02 EDT 2003

> I have seen hosting providers but 
> most of them seem to be providing this through the Cpanel which was 
> something that was warned against on the icdevgroup website the day I 
> downloaded the app.  
> Are most interchange sites being hosted in house (if so are their any 
> security issues to aware of)? 

We host ours in house.

>From the sheer amount of frustration viewable in this list alone by
C-Panel people, I would recommend avoiding it (although I don't know
much about it personally).

> Are there any highly recommended service providers? 

Seeing as my experience is limited by the aforementioned I don't have
much help here, I suggest you do a search for this one in the archives
or ask this question more specifically in another message; certainly
someone has some recommendations.
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