[ic] RE: Interchange Database Relationships and Schema

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Jul 4 21:21:45 EDT 2003

ParkerTechGroup Incorporated [parkertechgroup at earthlink.net] wrote:
> Two questions I have searched the archives for and cannot 
> seem to scare up a definitive answer to:
> 1. Is there an ERD ( or a diagram showing the table 
> relationship within the IC database) for IC? I noticed a 
> short thread regarding this some time ago, however, there was 
> no apparent resolution to it.
I've not seen a schema diagram for the Foundation demo.  The demo
doesn't use a lot of tables so it doesn't take long to work out
what goes where.

> 2. When running IC over a database other than the default 
> (ie. mysql), does IC actually operate on the 'other' database 
> or does it simply 'mirror' it internally and operate on its 
> own internal database? ....I may be showing my ignorance with 
> this question.... :(  
Interchange will use whatever database tables you configure, and
will work directly with those, rather than attempt any form of
mirror.  You can configure individual tables to use different
databases or even different database types or technologies.

Table joins will obviously fail if you attempt to run an SQL query
using multiple tables that have been configured into different
database types.  Interchange uses GDBM by default so the Foundation
demo will not attempt to join tables unless you modify it to do so.

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