[ic] Quick Books vs PeachTree

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Jul 7 01:14:16 EDT 2003

Quoting Dan Browning (db at kavod.com):
> * Mohamad Hodroj <m.hodroj at verizon.net> [2003-07-06 12:26]:
> > Hello guys,
> > 
> > i just started using interchage and i was wondering which program to use
> > with it. Quick Books PRO 2003 or PeachTree Accounting 2002. which one works
> > better with Interchange....
> Either can be made to work equally well with Interchange, in the hands of a 
> competent consultant.  However, Interchange comes out of the box with 
> some support for QuickBooks integration (see the 'exentions/quickbooks' 
> directory in the tarball), written by Mike Heins.

And enhanced and maintained by Dan Browning. 8-)

I know of no example code for PeachTree, but the same methodology could
be used to create import files for it, I presume. One of the big
problems with Quickbooks is that they have no OLE -- if they had some,
we would be able to add a "Get orders from Interchange" menu link that
called some code and did the import automatically. If Peachtree has
such, that would be a neat reason to do the work.

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