[ic] Dealer test in catalog.cfg for Batch Quantity

Farshad Farzan farzan at intelmeas.com
Mon Jul 7 23:16:42 EDT 2003

I am trying to do batch quantities and minimum order only when dealer is
logged in..

I have borrowed the batch code from the archives , and now I need to
test if the user is dealer.

I have seen some code but it uses the tag which does not work inside the

So , I have done the following code which is close but it does not
work.. ( I have no idea about perl programming.)

my $uu = $Vend::Session->{username};

The above line gets set correctly and if I print $uu it is the right

my $dealerstate = $Vend::UserDB::dealer::[$uu];		
This does not give the right dealer state

my $dealerstate = Vend::Data::database_field($Vend::UserDB,$uu,
This does not give the right dealer state either ?

What am I doing wrong?

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