[ic] Downloadable softgoods

Gabriel Cooper gabriel.cooper at mediapulse.com
Tue Jul 8 19:13:34 EDT 2003

Gaurav Hemdev wrote:

>     I am trying to set up a basic store where I can have my visitors 
>download files on making payments. I have specified download == 1 dl_location 
>== http://servername/file.exe and dl_type == application/exe.  This much is 
>not enough to get it to work. Can someone PLEASE let me know where I am going 
>wrong. Thanx in advance. 
Heh, you and me both.

I've given up on doing it the Interchange way, mostly because of some 
(apparently) obscure problems with setting some access variables.

Instead I am simply redirecting the user to a custom PERL script that 
checks the database (e.g. orderline.username = the MV_USERNAME cookie, 
orderline.download = 1, orderline.status = 'pending' or 
orderline.order_date within the last week, etc.) and sends the user the 
file if he has access.

In my case I wanted to give them access to a whole directory of files if 
they purchased access so this option worked out best for me.

Anyway, check out these URLs, they helped me understand what was going 
on when first trying to enable downloadable products:


Currently I'm trying to figure out how to disable shipping when the user 
buys downloadable products. Any ideas? ;)


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