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Dear Mr. Corner,

My company The Computer Corner has had many installation's of IC from 4.8.?
and we have worked through most of the trouble's that you have probably had
in the
past.  If you would like to contact me of list please do so and we can chat
a hosting package that fits your needs.

Interesting coincidences:

Your last name is Corner (The Computer Corner)
You ask for customer satisfaction and our "Slogan"
if you will is "Customer Satisfaction is our Main Goal"

Thought that was interesting...

Thank You,

Billy J. Mayberry
The Computer Corner
bill at thecomputercorner.net

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sadly I have been finding that although Interchange is a good product, the
hosting and support side is terrible. Even those that do support it seem
unwilling to be a "true" support service i.e. get the job done and the site

I have been running an IC site for some 8 months now and am just about to
move hosts for the 3rd time. The first two times were with people that didnt
support IC but offered it and that very quickly ran into problems. My latest
host, although supports interchange seems more content to argue than keep
the site up. To this extent I have decided to move hosts. Although eager to
get the business in the beggining the level of support has dropped to a
ridiculous argumentative position. The shop has now been down for 10 days.
No I am not kidding!

Can anyone point me in the direction of a "decent" host, one that knows what
customer satisfaction means. Or if you have moved hosts yourself, was it
easy? Any tips and information would be very appreciated.


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