[ic] Downloadable softgoods

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue Jul 8 21:06:37 EDT 2003

> Currently I'm trying to figure out how to disable shipping when the user
> buys downloadable products. Any ideas? ;)
> Gabriel.

Will you have mixed carts? softgoods and hardgoods? If so, simply ship by
weight (softgoods have weight of '0'), and set up an "All Downloads" 0 weight
shipping method. That will handle all downloads, or just some downloads. If
your entire store is downloads, the simplest way to not break IC would be to
use hidden inputs for shipping there by 'disabling' shipping for the customer.
Set it to some "download" method you setup for $0. take the shipping readout
off the receipt.html and mail receipt. I wouldn't remove everything, as you may
someday have hardgoods, and at any rate, complete records are always best, even
if it is just '0' and 'download'.

HTH Paul

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