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Can anyone point me in the direction of a "decent" host, one that knows what
customer satisfaction means. Or if you have moved hosts yourself, was it
easy? Any tips and information would be very appreciated.


Hello Ian (and friends),

I am the owner of MediaServices Network and http://vs-host.com where I offer
interchange hosting.

We personally do custom work on client sites that host with us and use
Interchange. Each install is custom, private and secure. My team reacts to
service requests within 1 day on all Interchange Server issues and our
network is monitored 24 / 7 to react to outages of any type. We house our
own servers in house.

We host many dedicated servers for large and medium sized on-line ECommerce
sites such as http://HardToFindCDs.com and more.

Feel free to contact us for any Interchange needs you have.

Thank You
Russ Smith
MediaServices Network
MediaServices Network
mailto:data at mediaservices.net

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