[ic] onclick or onMouseOver events with ic [button] tag

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Jul 9 08:10:11 EDT 2003

Quoting Matthew Crosswell (matthew at compedge.co.nz):
> I'm not sure how to add onClick and onMouseOver events to the ic [Button]
> tag.
> There are two issues, the first is that when I do try it they don't work,
> the second is I'm not sure how to escape the " characters to give the
> javascript command half a chance of parsing through ic.

Without showing your attempts, there is nothing for us to do, 
I don't think. We don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

> Anyone have an example that would show me the syntax for this in ic?

Normally it would be something like;

	[button text="Foo button"
	    something=something else

There is a builtin confirm="are you sure?" option if that is what
you need...

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