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Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Wed Jul 9 09:29:17 EDT 2003

Ian Corner wrote:

>sadly I have been finding that although Interchange is a good product, the
>hosting and support side is terrible. Even those that do support it seem
>unwilling to be a "true" support service i.e. get the job done and the site
>I have been running an IC site for some 8 months now and am just about to
>move hosts for the 3rd time. The first two times were with people that didnt
>support IC but offered it and that very quickly ran into problems. My latest
>host, although supports interchange seems more content to argue than keep
>the site up. To this extent I have decided to move hosts. Although eager to
>get the business in the beggining the level of support has dropped to a
>ridiculous argumentative position. The shop has now been down for 10 days.
>No I am not kidding!
>Can anyone point me in the direction of a "decent" host, one that knows what
>customer satisfaction means. Or if you have moved hosts yourself, was it
>easy? Any tips and information would be very appreciated.
You're problem is most likely a function of what you are willing to 
pay.  If you are on a tight budget, just host the site yourself.  Sure 
you may not have OC3 speeds, but with a reasonable circuit (even aDSL) 
you can get the site up and running on the cheap...



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