[ic] New Interchange Site

bill at enterprisego.com bill at enterprisego.com
Wed Jul 9 14:51:14 EDT 2003

Hi all,

We have put together a new interchange site. The site is for another
business that I am involved in, which is basically an education
portal/teacher supply store. The store currently has over 9000 educational

The site runs on IC 4.8.6 and a bunch of modifications, most notably the
automatic user account creation which occurs when new users are ready to
checkout. For this site I created sections, which splits up different
areas. If anyone knows how to put products in multiple categories, I would
like to know!

I have also created and EDI purchase order module, which is packaged
similarly to the quickbooks module; if anyone is interested, send me an

The url is http://www.teachermart.com

The site has been running for over a month now, but if anyone has any
criticisms or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!




Bill Olik

CEO / Solutions Architect
Enterprise Go! Inc.

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