[ic] Displaying SQL-Errors in the Administration Panel

Frank Zibell frank.zibell at xi-quadrat.de
Wed Jul 9 20:11:54 EDT 2003


I need to prevent double product items. Items (for us) are equal if 
"description" and "category" are the same. So I defined an 
SQL-table-constraint respectively  composite key:
"alter table products add unique nodoubles (description, category);"
So from now on the database does not permit item entries, where another 
entry with the same description and the same category already exists. 
But when I add such a double entry in the administration panel, there 
is no error message displayed. The second item is just not created 
(because the DB says "no") - but no hint for the user. And the 
autonumber increases! I thought there might be a way to define that 
rule in database/mysql/products.mysql. But I did not found that 
documented anywhere.
Isn't it possible, that all SQL-Errors are displayed in the 
administration-panel? That's what I thougt should be the default! I use 
IC v.4.9.7.


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