[ic] Displaying SQL-Errors in the Administration Panel

Frank Zibell frank.zibell at xi-quadrat.de
Thu Jul 10 12:08:39 EDT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 10.07.03 um 04:28 Uhr schrieb Mike Heins:
>>>> Isn't it possible, that all SQL-Errors are displayed in the
>>>> administration-panel? That's what I thougt should be the default! I
>>>> use IC v.4.9.7.
>>> I believe you are right. I have been ignoring this issue for
>>> some time, but will be fixing it soon.
>>> For the moment, you have to look at the global error.log file. Ugh.
>> As long as there is no Internal Server Error, these messages can be
>> found in the catalog error log, but a feedback for the user is really
>> a good idea.
> I am working on it now. There is some question in my mind as to
> what should be done on an error, and my inclination is to do this:
>     1. Set up logging levels on a per-table basis, with
>        defaults that can be set with DatabaseDefault:
>         DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_CATALOG  1
>         DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_SESSION  1
>         DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_GLOBAL   0
>         DatabaseDefault  DIE_ERROR          0
>     2. Log errors to the catalog error.log by default.
>         Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_CATALOG  0|1*
>     3. Log errors to the session always if an admin, and
>        controlled by configuration if not.
>         Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_SESSION  0|1*
>        This would have the effect of giving a big red error message
>        when such an event as failing to create a record occured. In
>        most cases, you would be able to use the <-Back button and
>        fix the error and resubmit.
>     4. Die at the page level (500 error) only if that is explicit
>        request in config for that table:
>         Database  inventory  DIE_ERROR  0*|1
>     5. Log errors globally only on explicit request:
>         Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_GLOBAL   0*|1
>     6. LENGTH_EXCEPTION errors would go into warnings if they
>        are handled with truncate.
>   * default
> Does this seem reasonable?

I think logging in the error.log is fine for the programmer. But often 
the one managing the product items via the administration panel is just 
a salesman not having access to the error.log. so i would prefer, that 
SQL-Errors are just displayed on the next result-page. I think that is 
what you wrote in number (3). Just like it is now with the IC-table 
permissions. Example: when a user deletes an item by only having access 
to the products-table, a message occurs in green, that this succeded. 
But at the same time there are red messages, that deleting this item 
from other tables (inventory etc.) is not permitted for that user.


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