[ic] Trying to set up group pricing

Beau Beau at solec.com
Fri Jul 11 12:31:54 EDT 2003

Hello All,
I am setting up my first live interchange store and I am stumped.  I 
should mention that this is version 4.9.8 and I am modifying the demo 
tool catalog.  I need to do some things with pricing, and it looks like 
the tools are there under merchandizing but I'm unsure of how it fits 
together, and how to display it on the flypage.
Here goes,
1. I need to have retail and distributor price levels (Which seems like 
the Dealer pricing level)
2. I need to have distributor price discounts apllied to single item & 
quantity pricing.
3. I need that info displayed on the flyout page so that after they log 
in they can buy the quantity they need at their price level.
you would get one of the following depending on the price level defined 
in you customer profile.
      each    10.00    "buy now!"
 case of 6    56.00    "buy now!"
case of 12    95.00    "buy now!"
      each    9.00     "buy now!" 
 case of 6    50.00    "buy now!"
case of 12    85.00    "buy now!"
4. How or will this info be reflected in the shopping cart?
I apologize if this is to many questions, but any help or points in the 
right direction would be greatly apprieciated.

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