[ic] credit card details

David Dolheguy dolheguy at austic.com.au
Sat Jul 12 09:54:27 EDT 2003


IC 4.8

I am just starting out learning Interchange Shopping Cart 4.8 and been
stumped on one issue for quite a while.  I wish to trap and view all the
credit card information which is entered by the customers when they
purchase products.

I am required to do this as I don't have an online validation system
with a bank and will be manually processing the information over the
phone.  So I will be required to store the card detail in a database
until I process them.

I noticed in the transactions database that one of the attributes if
card_type, so far the only way I can see doing this would be to add an
additional code to the shopping cart and two additional attributes to
the database, one for card_number and the other card_expiry.

Is there an easier way of doing this, as I have little experience with



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