[ic] Dealer options prices

Brian Kosick briank at nacs.net
Sat Jul 12 01:09:37 EDT 2003

Hi All,
	I'm having some issues getting the wholesale/dealer options pricing to

I've searched all over the mailing list, and can't seem to locate an
answer.  I'm using IC 4.8.7 and perl 5.6.1 on a RaQXTR.

The regular item wholesale price shows up fine, but when you select an
option with a price modifier, it will add the normal options price
instead of the wholesale option price.

I have gone over after.cfg and CommonAdjust many times, and can't seem
to figure it out.

here's my after.cfg for dealer profile

Profile dealer <<EOR
        CommonAdjust => <<EOF,
		;$, ==:options:wholesale
        NonTaxableField => 'nontaxable',

which by all means according to the searches I've done should work! 
Anyone have any Ideas?

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