[ic] Downloadable softgoods - my solution

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Jul 14 14:47:44 EDT 2003

Quoting Gabriel Cooper (gabriel.cooper at mediapulse.com):
> I'm curious as to whether anyone has ideas for how to tell when a file 
> has been successfully downloaded. e.g. What if they download it and 
> their computer freezes up? How can the session let me know the download 
> failed? Or more importantly, succeeded? That way I don't have to give 
> them this open-ended window of infinite downloads for X amount of time.

The only way to tell this that I know of is to scan the http access log
and look for the number of bytes transferred. Providing you tagged by
session somewhere, or by username/order number, you could scan for
completed downloads with a cron job and mark "shipped". Still in all, I
think a download attempt count of 3 or higher along with an expiration
is a better way to go.

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