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Toni Mueller support-ic at oeko.net
Tue Jul 15 13:18:32 EDT 2003


On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 05:58:59PM -0400, Philip S. Hempel wrote:
> <rant>
> ...

to make a long story short, please take a look at the BTS and find out
why the Perl maintainer changed the default for Perl from non-threaded
to threaded when going from perl-5.8.0-17 to perl-5.8.0-18.

Apart from that, you are not supposed to run a production system on
unstable anyway unless you know what you are doing (and willing to
take the consequences).

For the time being, just take note that some apps require a threaded
Perl while others require a non-threaded Perl. You just can't please
everyone, and I understand the idea of having "unstable" to test some
new ideas...

That being said, I also realize that the fact of needing a separate
Perl for Interchange is a PITA, and you only need to decide if it's
less of a PITA to have the system's Perl changed instead.

> occur with the applications bugs often get placed against the
> application when in fact the threaded perl is the fault.

If I understood Mike correctly, Perl itself is not as much at
fault as are some modules Interchange relies on. But knowing and
telling this may lead to much faster problem resolution than if
you simply to keep bashing Perl as a whole.

> Someone may state that if the application does not work under threaded
> prel that is the apps fault, but I believe it is the other way around. 

No, in general it's the app's fault if it can't run on the majority of
standard target platforms ("current Linux distribution"), although
I've read that there will be some Perl 5.8.1 that should fix some
more thread problems... hopefully sooner than later, because enabling
threads apparently has tripped bugs in more than one application.

> I have built my own perl from source debs and guess what, it is a pain
> to do, just take building gd perl and mysql dbd, you have dependencies
> that require more work than I care to do on a regular bases. 

Yes. Since this was a real pain to do, I've opted for a non-packaged
Perl which was a lesser pain, imho (but still a pain).

> I also want Debian to be able to properly support IC. The Debian

Me too.


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