[ic] Problems with Subcatalogs under Interchange 4.9.8

Shawn Mathews eyefivesupport at aol.com
Tue Jul 15 15:54:24 EDT 2003

I'm taking over maintenance of an interchange 4.9.4 catalog and was looking to upgrade it to 4.9.8.

My biggest problem is the 4.9.4 implementation used subcatalogs (the client has a different website for each product, and a supersite with all of the products);

Under 4.9.8 I get the following error message when I try and access a subcatalog:

[15/July/2003:13:31:58 -0500] hep cattest.eyefiveinc.com/humaneuphoria/index.html Runtime error: do not know how to copy (?-xism:^(\/home\/psmerch\/eyefive_catalogs\/eyefive|\/home\/psmerch\/intr498\/lib\/UI\/pages)) at /home/psmerch/intr498/lib/Vend/Util.pm line 766.

Any ideas / suggestions?

techsupport at eyefiveinc.com

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