[ic] admin ui multiple group select for users

Sonny Cook sonny at aspersion.org
Wed Jul 16 03:21:29 EDT 2003

There is a bug in UI/pages/admin/user_edit.html.  Multiple groups cannot 
be added to the user from this page.  If multiple groups are in the db 
table for a user, no groups will be displayed as selected.

The fix for the first problem is:

add <input type=hidden name=mv_click value=process_filter> into the form 
on the page.  This will allow the ui_filter:groups to handle multiple 
selections so they can be inserted into the database.

The second can be fixed by modfying the following line which is found on 
or about line 116.

]<OPTION VALUE="[group-code]" [selected groups [group-code]]>[group-data __UI_ACCESS_TABLE__ name]

to be.

]<OPTION VALUE="[group-code]" [selected multiple=1 name=groups value=[group-code]]>[group-data __UI_ACCESS_TABLE__ name]

This bug also appears to be in the online demo out of cvs.

That is all.
Sonny Cook

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