[ic] Is Interchange right for me & UPS Online Tools?

jp at nuance9.com jp at nuance9.com
Wed Jul 16 11:02:01 EDT 2003

Basically I have three questions:

1) My client is requesting an ecommerce solution that integrates with UPS's online tools.  
Does Interchange do this?

2) This is going to be my first e-commerce project.  I am familiar with PHP, but not perl - 
though the some aspects of the syntax look similar.  The site will likely be hosted on a 
shared server.  My main goal is to provide the client with a solid e-commerce solution, 
while keeping my time within budget.  I keep seeing the "not easy" message about 
Interchange.  How can I determine if Interchange is the right solution for me?  Any input 
is very appreciated.  Do I need to ask my host any questions to ensure compatibility?  

3) How do you control the appearance of the UI in interchange?



Justin Pease
N u a n c e   N i n e
Web Usability, Development and Design

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