[ic] Is Interchange right for me & UPS Online Tools?

gurs at sbcglobal.net gurs at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 16 13:38:28 EDT 2003

On 16 Jul 2003 at 10:02, jp at nuance9.com wrote:

> Basically I have three questions:
> 1) My client is requesting an ecommerce solution that integrates with UPS's online tools.  
> Does Interchange do this?
> 2) This is going to be my first e-commerce project.  I am familiar with PHP, but not perl - 
> though the some aspects of the syntax look similar.  The site will likely be hosted on a 
> shared server.  My main goal is to provide the client with a solid e-commerce solution, 
> while keeping my time within budget.  I keep seeing the "not easy" message about 
> Interchange.  How can I determine if Interchange is the right solution for me?  Any input 
> is very appreciated.  Do I need to ask my host any questions to ensure compatibility?  
> 3) How do you control the appearance of the UI in interchange?
> Thanks!!!
> Sincerely,
> Justin Pease
> N u a n c e   N i n e
> Web Usability, Development and Design
> www.nuance9.com

Hi Justin,

1.) Interchange is capable of integrating UPS online tools, but you must do that yourself 
or have someone do it for you. It already can do shipping calculations and tracking is 
only a small line of html code mixed with IC.

2.) Interchange is very easy if you want a simple out-of-the box solution without too 
much customization, it gets harder depending upon how much you wish to customize.

There are hosts out there which host IC on shared servers, but you can't just go to any 
host and expect IC to run on their shared server because IC is more of development 
platform (which requires it's own space to operate) and not a script (which you can just 
plug-n-play just about anywhere).

IC is very easy to program with and you don't necessarily need to know perl to do 
customize, it just can sometimes do the job a lot easier.

3.) UI customization is not that hard as along as you have a good idea of what you want 
to customize and what you don't want to customize.

IC is not hard, it just seems that way because a lot of people consider it a simple 
application like an Internet browser (which requires limited learning) when infact it is a 
development platform along the lines of ColdFusion (which requires extensive learning 
to get the most out of). The foundation demo is just that a small demo of IC's strength.

Best Regards,

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