[ic] Questions regarding vertical category menu

Jim Ratte Jim at recreationalmobility.com
Wed Jul 16 16:58:16 EDT 2003

Hi group,

Need some help, suggestions, comments, etc. Working on updating some
navigation using the layout editor (IC 4.9.6) Here's what I'm trying to

Aventura:                        Searey:
   Engine Options                   Engine Options

I have created categories to display using the Page class method in the
layout editor. I have also created the sub (Engine Options) in the Category
Properties and assigned the class a 'interchange page link'. The problem
comes in where the page link (this case Engine Options) needs to change
based upon which category is used (Aventura or Searey).

Granted I can change the name of the 'Engine Options' to 'Aventura Engine
Options', and the same with the Searey items. However, those names will also
show on the menu, which is a bit pointless in then having the category
header on the page.

Has anyone come across this situation, and was there a solution? Here's a
link to better represent what I'm trying to do:


Jim Ratte
Recreational Mobility
SkyRanger/Searey/Aventura/Flightstar/Sabre Trike dealer
http://www.recreationalmobility.com <http://www.recreationalmobility.com>

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