[ic] Upgrade issue with shipping

Dorothy Puma dorothy at digilink.net
Wed Jul 16 16:14:35 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I am upgrading one of my sites from IC 4.9.5 to 4.9.8. I ran a makecat 
on the new server, then copied in my original html files, templates, 
products etc. On my original site, I have all my shipping modes based on 
USPS.  I modified the zone files to complete the lookups.  This is 
working like a charm.  When I moved over to my new server with the same 
data, I get "Zero cost returned for mode Priority, geo code 450" and 
nothing shows up in the error log.  From what I can see of the 
store.structure file, the entire zone file was pulled in correctly

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you,

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