[ic] admin ui multiple group select for users

Sonny Cook sonny at aspersion.org
Thu Jul 17 05:58:02 EDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Mike Heins wrote:

> Good to hear from you again, Sonny. Long time no see...I don't
> know if you have seen what has happened with the Vend::Payment
> thing you started -- it has done well and quite a few people have
> added modules.

Heh, good to hear from you too.  I had no idea that the Vend::Payment 
thing ever saw the light of day.  I'm glad to hear that it is doing well.

I had a thought as I dug through file after file trying to track this 
behavior down.  I probably garnered quite a bit of useful information on 
my trek (every time I want to figure somthing out I usually end up tracing 
all through the code).  I don't have enough coherent info to put together 
any documentation.  I am wondering then if it would be useful to have a 
place for people to drop such scattered bits of information in the hopes 
that they will congeal into some helpful documentation.

At any rate, just thinking out loud.


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