[ic] Menu loader default (saved options)

Jim Boyer boyerj at wsu.edu
Thu Jul 17 11:12:40 EDT 2003

I am using IC 4.9.7-200305121041, RH 7.2 and  MySql .  I am using the UI, 
Menu Loader - Separate Category file,  to create my products 
menu.  Currently when I load a new menu, I have to change all the major 
groups to labels only manually by selecting them and choosing label only 
and then saving the menu item.  Is there a way to have IC save these label 
only changes so they don't have to be manually changed every time a new 
menu is loaded?  I would like to turn this part of the maintenance over to 
somebody else and the manual configuration each time may be too much for them.

Thanks for any help,
Jim Boyer
Systems Programmer
Information Dept
College of Agriculture and Home Economics
Washington State University

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