[ic] "dealer" pricing

Russell Mann tech at khouse.org
Thu Jul 17 17:38:08 EDT 2003

Hello IC List,

IC 4.8.3

Still working on discounting.  Due to problems with the home-brew system,
I'm trying the standard dealer pricing scheme found in IC.  I am using an
external script to compare expiration dates and update a flag in the
database "user_active" to determine if someone is a member or not.  Now I'm
getting the "zero price" thing that I see people talk about.  Not sure why.

Here's my old catalog.cfg for pricing:
PriceField     CommonAdjust

CommonAdjust   pricing:price_group,q3,q4,q5,q10, ;products:price, ;$
AutoModifier   pricing:price_group
AutoModifier   products:gift_cert

NonTaxableField nontaxable

UserDB         default    scratch    dealer

Autoload <<EOR
    if($Scratch->{dealer}) {
            $Config->{PriceField} = 'no_price';

Here's my new one:

PriceField     CommonAdjust

AutoModifier pricing:price_group
AutoModifier gift_cert
FractionalItems No

Profile user_active <<EOR
        CommonAdjust => <<EOF,
                pricing:price_group,q3,q4,q5,q10, ;products:member_price, ;$
        NonTaxableField => 'nontaxable'

Profile default CommonAdjust   "pricing:price_group,q3,q4,q5,q10,
;products:price, ;$"
Profile default NonTaxableField
Profile default PriceField 0

Any clues as to why I'm gettin the zero price thing?  There's no
etc/after.cfg script to modify these settings.


Russell Mann

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