[ic] "dealer" pricing

Steve icdev at mrlock.com
Fri Jul 18 10:14:03 EDT 2003

Hello IC List,

IC 4.8.3

Still working on discounting.  Due to problems with the home-brew system,
I'm trying the standard dealer pricing scheme found in IC.  I am using an
external script to compare expiration dates and update a flag in the
database "user_active" to determine if someone is a member or not.  Now I'm
getting the "zero price" thing that I see people talk about.  Not sure why.


I was just testing this feature myself last night, and found out that you
have to set the wholesale price field in products table, or you will receive
a price of zero for qty of 1. You also have to populate w2,w5,w25 with
values or you will get zero for these qty's as well, if you are using qty

just a suggestion.


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